Confidence Building Program Public Speaking Classes

Speech is power: to persuade, to convince, to compel


"Success is not an anomalous result of powerful public speaking but rather a familiar accompaniment."

Our teachers are qualified professionals who are passionate about teaching children leadership and self confidence skills through the art of public speaking and most importantly connect with them. It is our goal to help students discover the joy of expression in a non-threatening environment and gain self esteem.

Ms. Jingco

  • Bachelor's in Psychology and a minor in child and youth studies at the University of San Francisco.
  • 8 + years teaching various subjects, including: English, Public Speaking, Debate, Music Therapy, College/Career Readiness, ESL and GLEE club.
  • Behavioral therapist and counselor.
  • Professional singer. Performed at amazing venues like Yoshi's, Levi's Stadium and the Staples Center.
  • Hobbies: write poetry, singing, hiking, and helping people in the community.

Ms. Whitney

  • Bachelor’s in drama from San Francisco State University.
  • Works for the Jefferson school district.
  • Counselor at a special needs camp.
  • Special Education teacher.
  • 3+ years teaching Public Speaking, Debate, Drama and Sewing.
  • Hobbies include: sewing, traveling, and anything that involves the outdoors.

Ms. Prahlad

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, English Literature and Economics.
  • Bachelor of Law.
  • 18+ years as a film critic and freelance writer.
  • 12+ years as docent in Elementary School for the Fine Arts Mini Experience Program.
  • 6+ years tutoring Grades 2 - 12 in Language, Writing, and Speech.
  • 3+ years as a college essay coach.
  • Hobbies: reading, traveling, writing, gardening.

Mr. Roseman

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and minor in Business from San Jose State University.
  • 2+ years teaching Public Speaking, Debate, English, Scuba diving and Sailing.
  • 12 years of experience in Public Relations.
  • Entertainment host.
  • Comedy club manager.
  • Taught English as a second language in Thailands.
  • Hobbies: travel, astronomy, sailing, diving, reading, cooking.

Ms. Iyer

  • MBA in finance.
  • Bachelor’s in Commerce and Accounting.
  • Diploma in Computer studies.
  • 5 years in Corporate Finance, Analysis and Accounting.
  • Teaches Computer Studies, Public Speaking, Debate and Coding.
  • Hobbies: cooking, reading, traveling, volunteering.

Mr. Ted

  • Bachelor’s in Psychology.
  • Author, professional speaker and director.
  • Has published 4 books for children and a collection of poetry.
  • Written and directed several screen plays.
  • Teaches History and Public Speaking.
  • Hobbies: sailing, acting, scuba diving, traveling, cooking.

Mr. Taitz

  • Bachelor's in Science in Human Development with Honors from Cornell.
  • Ph.D student in clinical psychology at Palo Alto University.
  • Public Speaking and Debate teacher for 3+ years.
  • Improv comedy artist.
  • Uses Improv Comedy skills to make learning fun.
  • Extensive knowledge of Pokemon and Comics.
  • Hobbies: reading, comedy, improv, theatre.

Ms. Soliman

  • Business Management, Computer Science.
  • 10 + years in business management/MIS.
  • 7+ years teaching Public Speaking, Debate.
  • Hobbies: travel, exercise, ski, music, socialize, swim, photography.

Ms. Carmen

  • 3+ years as a Marketing Manager.
  • 2 + years teaching.
  • Teaches Public Speaking and Art.
  • Hobbies: traveling, reading.

Ms. Verma

  • Master’s in Finance.
  • Bachelor’s in Engineering.
  • Working with Fremont Unified School District as a Para Educator.
  • Teaches Public Speaking, Debate, Art.
  • Hobbies: writing, volunteering, painting, cooking.

Ms. Sasha

  • Bachelor’s in Political Science from San Francisco State University.
  • Professional writer and singer.
  • Teaches Public Speaking and Drama.
  • Hobbies: acting, singing, traveling.

Mr. Kart

  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Evolutionary Anthropology with a minor in History and Philosophy of Science from University of California, Davis.
  • 6 + years teaching Public Speaking, Debate to elementary, middle and high school students.
  • Tutoring at various high schools and colleges across the Bay.
  • Field organizer for political campaigns.
  • Hobbies: playing music, tennis, basketball, volunteering.

Ms. Vijaynathan

  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Accounting.
  • 7 + years teaching various subjects like Lego Robotics, Public Speaking, Debate, Dance and Hindi.
  • Hobbies: singing, dancing, music.

Ms. Sarcar

  • Bachelor’s in Mass Communication with a minor in Organizational Communication from Winona State University.
  • Worked at Wells Fargo for 12 years.
  • Teaches Public Speaking and Debate.
  • Volunteering and Fundraising for several Non-Profit and Social Organizations.
  • Hobbies: photography, reading, traveling and volunteering.

Ms. Aulson

  • Bachelor's in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.
  • 7 + years as a classroom volunteer with a focus on Positive Discipline.
  • 2 years teaching Public Speaking and Debate for children.
  • 2 years as an Event Manager, 10 as a Flight Attendant.
  • Author of a children's book.
  • Performed in plays, hosted workshops overcoming stage fright, and a participant in ToastMasters.
  • Hobbies: history, gardening, chickens, hiking, writing, and laughing.

Mr. Najibi

  • Bachelor’s in Philosophy with a Minor in Political Science from the University of California, Davis.
  • 5+ years of Substitute Teaching grades K-12.
  • Professional Film, TV, and Commercial Actor.
  • Trained at the American Conservatory Theater.
  • 2 years teaching Public Speaking and Debate.
  • Hobbies: exercise, developing mental health, movies, podcasts.

Ms. Leeat

  • Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in Psychology from the University of California, Davis.
  • Masters of Speech Language Pathology from San Jose State University.
  • 3 + years teaching Public Speaking/Debate.
  • Counselor for children with selective mutism.
  • Hebrew school teacher.
  • Tutoring for junior high and elementary school students.
  • Hobbies: listening to music, hiking, and traveling.

Ms. Royna

  • Bachelors of Science in Managerial Economics at University of California, Davis.
  • Associates Degree in Economics at Diablo Valley College.
  • 2+ years teaching Public Speaking/Debate & Robotics.
  • On the Board for a STEM based creativity program called Destination Imagination for the last 12 years.
  • 3+ years working in Real Estate and Marketing.
  • Hobbies: Love capturing moments through photography, painting, watching movies, listening to music, going on hikes and trying new food.

Ms. Regan

  • BA in Liberal Arts from Central College, Pella, IA.
  • Taught English to Spaniards in Spain.
  • Taught Spanish in the school setting.
  • Taught Public Speaking/Debate for 2+ years.
  • Currently teach Spanish as private tutor and teacher.
  • Currently broker mortgages.
  • Hobbies: Reading, playing games, organizing messes into organized beauty. :)

Ms. Olivia

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Bachelor of Science in
    Secondary Education English/Communications, Minors
    in History and Women's Studies from Penn State University.
  • Teacher at Cedar Park High School in the Leander
    Independent School District.
  • Teacher and Success Facilitator specializing in providing
    extra English instruction to students who fell
    behind due to the pandemic, also teaching English II (tenth grade).
  • 4+ years tutoring experience in English.
  • Experience working with elementary and high school
    students, had multiple internships in college that allowed
    me to work with children of all ages in the English field, including English language acquisition with Emergent Bilingual students.
  • Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Hiking.

Ms. Rodricks

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Sociology with a minor in Psychology.
  • Founder and Program Director of SpeakDebate.
  • 10+ years teaching Public Speaking, Debate, Drama and English.
  • Professional speaker and Emcee.
  • Worked at Goldman Sachs and New York Life.
  • Motivational speaker.
  • Pre school teacher.
  • Hobbies: hiking, photography, theatre, comedy, traveling, improv, movies.

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